MFP team offers legal presentations, trainings and interactive work-shops on various legal topics aiming to provide an understanding of the legal framework of  the business and to help managing legal risks in departments or companies.

We give information and explore ideas of the teams to identify resources and tools for protecting business assets, business activity, resolving legal conflicts, and complying with the law.

The participants are teams of the clients, manager assistants, managers and directors.

The topics and areas, we cover in our presentations are contracts, consumer protection, intellectual property rights, GDPR, competition, corporate governance, labor law, money-laundering etc.

We started our legal presentations and trainings at the request of our clients as a solution for decreasing the risks and legal costs.

Focused on practical aspects, our presentations are designed by partners with academic experience in law faculties, as well as in the field of the topics covered by the courses.

General managers, business unit managers, finance managers, accounting managers, operations managers, human resources managers, marketing managers, sales managers, project managers, and entrepreneurs may benefit of our legal presentation.

If you intend to organize some presentation or trainings for teams or departments within your company, you can contact us at: office@mfplawyers.ro.