Cătălin Mărgărit | Partner

Dispute resolution and international arbitration, bankruptcy, intellectual property, trademarks and industrial designs


Catalin is member of Bucharest Bar since 1998.

After graduating the Faculty of Law of Bucharest University in 1997 he completed his studies with courses in France. Catalin is specialized in dispute resolution and international arbitration, bankruptcy, intellectual property, trademarks,and industrial designs. He is certified Intellectual Property Counsellor for Trademarks and Industrial Models and Designs. Catalin is recognized for his ability to analyze complex factual situations and to provide innovative approaches in various types of disputes, finding important details to be used in creative argumentation. He loves to write and argue.

Tsvetan Florov | Partner

Renewable Energy, Real Estate, Construction, Corporate, Commercial Contracts


Tsvetan is member of Bulgarian Bar Association as fully qualified lawyer since 2000 and member of Bucharest Bar since 2001.

Tsvetan has extensive experience in real estate, construction and renewable energy projects, from inception through completion and sale/service commencement. He managed important projects real estate projects that included land acquisitions, financing, development and project management, construction contracts and sale or lease agreements. He participated at numerous conferences, seminars and working groups in the field of implementation, application and amendment proposals concerning legislation in the field of renewable energy in Romania. His passion for the renewable energy conducts him to build and authorize a micro-hydropower plant that he co-owns and manages.

Zaira Andra Bamberger | Partner

banking, arbitration, aviation, insurance, procurement, public tender procedures and related litigation, securities and capital market, bankruptcy, FIDIC infrastructure and construction projects.


Zaira is member of the Bucharest Bar since 1995. She completed her education attending the College Of Law – London and postgraduate studies at the French – Romanian University of Business Law and International Co-operation. She gained international experience with practice at the Royal Courts Of Justice – the Commercial Division of the High Court, London, and Simmons & Simmons London Office – Corporate Department. Zaira was University Professor Assistant of Commercial Law and is author/co-author of several books and publications in commercial law. Zaira specializes in banking, insurance, corporate, arbitration, procurement and infrastructure, litigation, securities and capital market, bankruptcy and construction. Zaira has a pragmatic and business-oriented approach. She enjoys day to day work as lawyer and has the passion for solving legal aspects even for the smallest projects. Zaira coordinates is happy to coordinate a team of lawyers currently dealing with hundreds of files.

Mirela Georgiana Sabău | Partner

M&A, corporate, commercial contracts, advertising, distribution, personal data protection (GDPR implementation), consumer protection, employment, public procurement, infrastructure and construction.


Mirela has a Ph. D. in Commercial Law and a master’s degree in business law. Mirela was lecturer of Commercial Law and international Commercial Law. She is author of several studies and publications on commercial law. As member of Bucharest Bar since 1998 and Mirela has over 20 years of experience in corporate aspects, merger and acquisition, commercial contracts, advertising, distribution, personal data protection (GDPR implementation), consumer protection, employment, construction, infrastructure and public procurement. Mirela has the capacity to find simple creative solutions to complex matters. She has a general and global view over the projects enabling her to take first into consideration the most important aspects and risks. Mirela is experienced also in legal presentation and trainings. In addition, she is a certified coach and has studied systemic approaches helping her to have a deeper understanding of teams and organizations.

Octavian Tomuș | Partner

banking and finance, international arbitration, IT and tech law, intellectual property


Octavian is member of Bucharest Bar since 1999. Octavian specializes in banking and finance, corporate, compliance and governance, real estate, IT, intellectual property and trademarks, commercial contracts, employment, personal data protection (GDPR implementation), dispute resolution and international arbitration. His passion for technology led him to develop a couple of innovative software applications, projects which deepened his understanding of various aspects of intellectual property and tech law in a global perspective. Octavian is certified Intellectual Property Counsellor for Trademarks and Industrial Models and Designs.

Narcisa Dobre | Associate

real estate, corporate, bankruptcy, real estate permits and authorization


Narcisa is an attorney member of Bucharest Bar since 2005. She completed her studies in 2004 and continued with a Master degree. Narcisa is specialized in corporate, litigation and bankruptcy, real estate and construction. She has extensive experience in real estate acquisition, as well as in real estate development projects. Narcisa has successfully managed many complex real estate due diligence, she has coordinated the legal side of regulatory approval procedures for development projects and managed pre-sale and sale procedures. Her experience in real estate acquisition and development grants her unique insights, valuable in real estate disputes and litigation.

Ioana Paraschiv | Associate

disputes and litigation, contract law, company law, administrative law, bankruptcy


Ioana graduated the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest in 2019 and she is member of the Bucharest Bar. As a member of consulting practice, she advises clients on a wide range of commercial and contractual aspects, corporate advisory and regulatory matters. Ioana is also involved in litigation related to contracts, consumer protection and administrative fines. Ioana is a dedicated, client-oriented lawyer. She likes the work well done and the safe strategies.

Dana Stancu | Associate

disputes and litigation, labor law, administrative law, banking law, bankruptcy


Dana graduated the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest in 2018 and she is member of the Bucharest Bar. Dana is involved in the dispute and litigation practice. She assisted our clients in various type of disputes and litigation, as well as settlement of disputes. Dana is pragmatic and fast responding, being able to pay attention at specific client needs and to be very available to the client and the members of the team.

Eduard Roșianu | Tax advisor

Tax advisor and financial auditor

Eduard is a finance and accounting professional with over 20 years in financial management and advisory positions, of increasing responsibility. He graduated the EMBA program organized by Vienna University of Economics and Business and has extensive finance, accounting and tax experience, both as executive and as consultant. Eduard acted in various industries such as aviation, insurance, agriculture, residential real estate, construction. Over the years he was acting on several continents, having both domestic and international expertise. Eduard dealt with both high-growth and start-up projects and covered a large variety of tax, financial and audit related aspects.

Andreea Turcin | Office Manager

Andreea gives us the support we need with the administrative aspects of our law office. Each time we know that both us and our clients can rely on her to coordinate the administrative aspects eficiently.

Gabriela Anghel | Translator

Gabriela is a certified translator and interpreter for English Language She is helping our clients with official documents translation, sworn/certified translation, assistance with official translation of documents signed in the presence of Public Notaries