For more than 20 years Mărgărit, Florov & Partners serves the clients with the expertise, experience and knowledge that is necessary to keep the businesses safe.

We are acting as business partner, rather than an occasional professional adviser.

Our values are active involvement, prompt, actionable advice, innovative solutions based on the larger picture and the business context.

Our approach has proved valuable in successfully completing complex transactions and projects with many variables and intricate priorities.

In dispute resolution and international arbitration, our team provides our clients the benefit of experience from highly successful representation in litigation portfolios of thousands of files, dozens of insolvency proceedings as well as in high-value and complex international commercial arbitration proceedings.

We also provide periodic and up-to date personnel and management trainings on matters such as lawful competition, personal data protection (GDPR), anti-corruption and other business-relevant matters. Our lawyers have extensive academic and lecturing experience.

Our clients are banks and non-bank financial institutions, public and private international financial institutions, financial investment services companies, important constructions companies, operators of international retail and industrial production, international contractors, infrastructure, shipping companies, importers and exporters of grains, companies operating in agriculture, green energy, port operations, IT, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, aviation.